Dylan McDermott pratar om Stalker i intervju!

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CBS har gjort en intervju med Stalker skådespelaren Dylan McDermott, nu har vi snart fått se hela deras första säsong och jag älskar serien och tycker fler borde se den! Här har ni Stalker fans intervjun! Nu hoppas vi även att serien kan få en andra säsong!
What attracted you to this role?
Dylan McDermott:
 There was something about how he sort of had a darker past. I like that he was trying to change, you know–I think he was aware of what he had done in his past. There’s a sense of humor about him. I like the fact that he just picked up and left New York to go to L.A. to be with his son.

Do we find out more about his past?
 Now it’s more about his future and where he’s going and trying to have a relationship with his son. There’s less emphasis on the past [going forward], and more emphasis on the future.

How is this role different from roles that you have played in the past?
 Again, I think Jack is a really good cop, a really good detective, but he struggles in his personal life to figure out what is going on with him.

Which character do you find the most fascinating?
 I think that everyone has their shining moment. Beth is recovering from her past, which keeps coming back to bite her in the ass. I thought Mariana brought a lot of humor to her role, and her past is a little bit darker.

How did you prepare for your role on Stalker?
 I have played a few cops in the past, but we worked with LAPD. They’ve been great, and the FBI, as well. [The FBI] let me come to the office and observe just to watch how cops work on a daily basis. I was just in New York riding with a cop and he said, “It’s great when there’s so much authenticity to the role.” Most of the times that cops watch shows, they don't believe that the people are performing like cops. They believed that I could be a cop, and that was really cool.

What do you think has been the scariest scene on the show?
 There’s a couple upcoming episodes that are really frightening. The pilot when the guy is in the floorboard. It’s just beyond crazy.

If someone wanted to scare you, what’s your Achilles' heel?
 Woah! I am a pretty paranoid person already. I have cameras installed in my house, so you’ll have to really work hard to get me. I’m hyper-vigilant and always ready.

Did you do all of your own stunts?
 Yeah. They always have me do it and a stunt guy do it and they splice it together. [I’m in] a big fight scene coming up. It’s great when you finally see it on camera because those fight sequences take a long time.

How long do fight sequences take?
 Ten hours. Sometimes a couple days. This upcoming fight is really elaborate. There's fire and fighting and guns. Basically anything you can imagine.

How was interacting with the actors on set when you weren’t in character?
 We have a lot of fun, actually. Because the material is so dark, we laugh a lot to keep ourselves sane. With this kind of content, working 16 hours a day, you have to find a way to keep it light or you’ll make yourself crazy.

Do you have any fun facts or stories from the set?
I try to get Victor [Rasuk] as much as I can. I am always doing stuff to him when he’s on camera. The only way that I can get through my day is to make him laugh, so I am always doing stuff off camera for him.

What is something for fans to looks forward to?
 The whole Ray/Beth thing is finally coming to fruition. The last three [episodes] are barnburners. They’re no holds barred.
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